Welcome to Start-up loans

The Start Up-Loans team understand that many small businesses are facing a challenging and uncertain time as a result of the coronavirus. We want to reassure our customers that we…Continue readingWelcome to Start-up loans

About us

Start-up Loans is a privately-owned South African company, which has built its reputation for quality, competence and efficiency on the responses of very demanding and discerning clients. We are dedicated to the provision of professional corporate services characterised by independent and creative thinking to maintain our leadership position and credible reputation.

We work with a national network of partners who are based in South Africa. In addition to helping applicants prepare their business plan and cash flow forecast, our partners are responsible for assessing final applications and providing ongoing mentoring support to successful applicants.

Our work encompasses mutual trust with each client; international companies as well as small- and medium-sized enterprises. Each client’s activities, products and professional environment are carefully taken into consideration; our goal is to provide tailor-made solutions to the client’s specific business and other corporate needs.

We are more than just a finance provider. Our approach is designed to ensure our customers get the support they need to build a strong business.